Alias Signature Support

The Signite team does their best to upgrade and expand the platform’s different functions.

Alias support contains many complexities, and at this stage, Signite supports deploying the main user’s signature to all of the user’s aliases. For the next update, we intend to add the option to manage each alias’ signature individually.

In order to allow Signite to support your user aliases follow these steps:

1. In your account's settings page, check the aliases support checkbox

Account Settings

If you’ve already deployed a signature to one or more of your users, you’ll need to re-deploy for the aliases to get the signature.

* Please notice that aliases support is limited to the premium packages.

2. Synchronize your domains, users and aliases.

Go to your Domains screen, and synchronize all available domains by choosing the Synchronize dropdown menu, and under Synchronize Users, choosing Synchronize.

This needs to be done for each domain separately.

After synchronizing each domain, you’ll be able to see the amount of available aliases for the relevant domain.

Make sure to check that every synchronized domain is set to active.

If you have an existing account, and added new domains, you’ll need to synchronize your domains by using the Synchronize Domains button on the bottom left of the domain list.

Afterwards, you’ll need to individually synchronize each domain’s users, including the primary one.

3. On your users list, you can now see which user has aliases

You can also see the users’ aliases by editing the specific user and seeing its list of aliases.

On deployment, all of these aliases will receive the same signature as the main user.

After setting the aliases support up, creating the templates, and editing users’ details, you can deploy the relevant users’ signature from the users screen.

Domain aliases support:

In order to support domain aliases, follow the aforementioned steps, and while synchronizing and activation your normal domains, activate each domain alias in the domains list screen.

Once activated, you’ll be able to deploy the user’s signature to both the main user email address, and their alias address.

Removing signatures from user aliases after deactivating an alias domain

If you’ve deactivated a domain alias in Signite, and wish to remove signatures related to that domain from your users, go through your users list, and reset those who had email addresses linked to that domain, so that the signature is removed from the alias

After resetting, redeploy the user’s signature, and refresh your Gmail for the changes to apply. 

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