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Most times, you’ll need to refresh your inbox for the signature to show up.

In case that didn’t help, check that no previous signature provider is in current control of your signatures, by disconnecting it from your Gmail account and removing your account from their service.

Finally, verify that your Gmail signature settings shows “My signature” in both the new and reply dropdowns in the signature menu.

For a more extensive guide, click here

  1. Sign in via your Google account
  2. Install the Signite app from the Google Marketplace
  3. Sync the domains and users
  4. Edit the design templates, input information and contact details of your organisation
  5. Edit groups and teams within your organisation and assign them a template
  6. Edit the personal contact details of your users
  7. Upload advertising banners with the requested timing
  8. Embed signatures for all users with a single click
  9. Manage and update signatures on demand

The idea behind Signite is to have a fast and efficient email signature creation, with the ability to embed these signatures in a matter of minutes.

Signite’s built-in templates allow you to edit information and deploy signatures in a fast and secure way, without needing prior design knowledge or technical skills.

External HTML code embedded into the signature may break or deform on different email platforms or screen sizes, therefore Signite doesn’t allow for external code to be embedded, but allows for using the built-in templates, which goes under rigorous quality assessment regarding their structure, email platform compliance and mobile displays.

Signite’s advantage is a quick and simple signature management solution.

Once you create or remove the user on your Google Workspace account, you can synchronize your users to Signite by following this guide:
How to Add or Remove Users

After synchronizing your users, new users will show up on your User List on Signite, while removed ones will no longer show there.

With the exception of the free package, all of Signite’s packages and options incorporate all the available features. The price is determined by the number of users attached to the account, and there are a number of different packages for your convenience.
The free package does not include banner management and an additional area of text. A Signite credit will also appear at the bottom of the signature.
The signatures will appear in full and properly formatted, subject to the limitations and conditions of the individual application or platform.
You will be able to: manage and edit the various signature templates; set up groups and teams and provide each one with a custom template; edit multiple contact details and information at once; edit information for an individual user; upload advertising banners (optional) and time their appearance; integrate an additional text box below the signatures.

Signite is a Google Marketplace app.

As soon as you install the app, you provide it with permission to make changes to the email signature settings (and only that) for the Gmail users under your Google Workspace account.

Signite does not use routing or require any configuration of your SMTP settings, and your inbox is fully separated from the Signite platform and/or its servers online status and availability.

Signite edits your signatures externally and embeds the finished signatures using HTML that conforms to the standards of Gmail accounts.

In Signite we care about the Privacy and Security of your Personal Data.

As part of that, we have implemented and accomplished all the required security and privacy measures in order to be Compliant with the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”).

Signite Data Processing Agreement (DPA)

Before purchasing the Premium plan, or before your next payment, go to your account settings on the top right corner and update both the Address field and Additional Invoice Details one.

The additional Invoice Details will be displayed on the bottom section of future invoices.

Gmail currently does not support setting different signature designs for dark and light modes.

Signite allows you to edit the signature’s components colors, uploading transparent images, and controlling the information colors  overall.. Thus you can adjust and choose neutral colors that will look good enough in both dark and light mode.

The Signite team would be happy to help answer all of your questions, send us an email at support@signite.io.
We look forward to hearing from you!