How do I create and apply
a basic G-Suite signature management admin role?

Before creating a new role, the Super Admin needs to install and synchronize Signite on G-Suite Marketplace.

Creating an admin role

1. In your Admin Console, click on Admin roles

2. Create a new role

3. Fill in the appropriate role name and description, and press continue.

4. Under Privileges, select the following 5 privileges:

4.1+2 Admin console privileges > Users > Read
Make sure that the following privilege is automatically selected as well:
Admin console privileges > Organizational Units > Read

4.3 Under Admin console privileges > Services > Gmail > Settings

4.4 Admin API privileges > Organisation Units > Read

4.5 Admin API privileges > Users > Read

5. After pressing Continue, review the new role, and press Create Role

6. In the new role’s settings window, press Assign role.

7. Find and select the appropriate user for the role, and press Assign role

8. Once the role is assigned, the user can edit, manage and deploy Signite’s signatures to all other users on the G-Suite account.