How to Display / Hide Suspended Users

Google Workspace lets you temporarily suspend users instead of deleting them, thus keeping some of their information available if you restore them later.

See more regarding suspending users through this link:

The following guide explains how to show, hide and filter these suspended users in Signite. 


1. Show / Hide suspended users by default

Signite lets you setup the suspended users display via the Account screen.

Under the Account Settings section, open the Default Users View drop down menu, and choose between the two options:

  1. All (Including Suspended):
    By default, show users with all statuses (both active and suspended) in your users list.

  2. Active only:
    By default, show only active users in your users list.

These options do not interfere with your ability to filter your users list and see users with either of these statuses.


2. Resetting suspended users' signatures and updating the user count

By default, Suspended user with signatures deployed to them, will count towards your Premium plan’s total.

In order to remove suspended users’ signatures, you’ll have to reset them.

In the Users screen, filter the list to see only suspended users.


Next, select all suspended users, and choose the Reset Selected button under the users list.

Once reset, none of the suspended users will count towards your deployed users count, or towards your Premium plan.

3. Sync your users list with an up-to-date list from your Google Workspace account

Suspending a user on Google Workspace may take a while to propagate fully once done.
After suspending the user on Google Workspace, make sure the status is set before syncing your users with Signite.  

You can sync your users list directly from the Users window. 

See step 3 in this guide for further information: How to Add or Remove Users


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