How many emails did you send today?

Hint: The number is higher than you think.

The average employee sends dozens of emails per day, and every one of them can be more beneficial using one action – Using a unique signature. This addition alone helps customers remember you, differs from your competitors and boosts the chances of contacting you or performing the desired action (Such as clicking a link, scheduling an appointment, watching a video, etc.).

As you can understand, the question here isn’t about using a signature or not – It’s about how you do it. Luckily, there are a few common ways to create custom-designed signatures, so let’s dive into business.


This method involves the help of a designer that will take your signature to the next level (Let’s face it – most of us weren’t born with Photoshop skills, and a sound signature requires the eyes and tools of a digital artist). After you got the layout that you ordered, you’re able to upload the picture file through Settings > General > Signature (in the Google Workspace Web App) and show off the latest addition to your business.

While being the most common method for years, ordering a designer costs quite a lot (An hour of a professional one usually costs dozens of dollars), can take time. And if you multiply it by the number of employees in your organization, you’ll quickly reach high costs. Besides that, the design itself isn’t as clickable is it can be using smart signature – One with various buttons, clickable options, and choices. Your designer probably can’t offer you that – And that’s why there are other methods on the table.

Using HTML Generators

The HTML programming language is long known for its simple structure and multiple options, especially when it comes to design. Even after all these years, many sites use it for various reasons, and Google Workspace is no exception.

The signature HTML generator tools give us access to higher abilities. It has an organized structure that can be easily duplicated or modified and shared with others (Such as colleagues). As we’ve already mentioned, they enable you to create a smart signature that boosts the conversion rates and allows you to use the allocated space more efficiently.

The good news is, you don’t have to be an HTML expert to begin. Today, you can find services such as, HubSpot, htmlsig (Which require money for full usage of their features), etc. those services serve as a platform that hosts different signature templates that you can choose and edit the corresponding cells to your liking. Your submission will be previewed, and then you can integrate it at your Google Workspace account (The same way as the first method). It may take some practice to understand what does what fully, but the process is still quicker and more straightforward than writing or designing it from scratch.

If you don’t have prior knowledge, figuring what to edit to make things happen, and finding bugs or errors can be frustrating. For that reason alone, you’d be happy to know that the third way may be the most suitable for your needs.

Signature App (Google Marketplace)

How about creating a well-designed smart signature without any need for HTML editing, and without losing any attribute?

During the last years, one of the hottest business email trends involves using a destined app that you can download from the Google marketplace and easily create and manage signatures without prior experience, among other unique tools and features.

That way, you combine the two previous methods: You enjoy a predesigned signature that you can change according to your preference while saving time on editing by using a simpler UI and functions, rather than editing code directly. Besides that advantage, those apps give you different features such as managing users, faster and easier integration, improved security, and more.

An excellent example is Signite, which offers many templates to your liking, managing signatures for users, groups and organizations, creating and adding marketing ads and banners, as well as gathering valuable information such as link clicks, impressions and more.


The email world is far from reaching its full potential, and we see that innovative minds from all around the world are doing their best to make things even better. Thanks to them, we can choose the best way to go in a few moments, and create a signature that can boost our performance since day 1.

We wish you all to find the best path for your organization’s needs – And craft the best signature you’ve seen – Make it shine!