We take great care so that our signatures will display correctly and uniformly throughout the available email clients, on desktop as well as on mobile.

Signite’s signatures will look and function as expected when received via Gmail’s mobile app.

However there are some limitation to the Gmail mobile app itself, both on IOS and on Android.

1. IOS Gmail app

As of August 2023, the IOS Gmail app no longer supports Gmail’s desktop signatures, either through Signite or those entered manually.
See the following post on Gmail community forum for an example of the issue:

Older versions of the app may still be able to take advantage of the previous guide below.
However, until further notice the up-to-date IOS mobile Gmail app fails to take advantage of Signite’s signatures.

1.1 For older IOS Gmail versions:

The Gmail mobile app manages signatures differently than on desktop, and therefore some settings may need to be changed for your Signite signatures to show up after sending messages through it.

Remove the mobile signature setting

If you can’t see your Signite signature after you’ve sent the message, go on your iPhone to Gmail app > Settings > Signature settings, and set the Mobile Signature checkbox to OFF

After setting the Mobile Signature checkbox to off, refresh your inbox and compose a new message.

Please note that due to the limitations of the IOS Gmail app, the signature will not be shown while you’re composing messages, and only once the message is sent, will you and your recipient be able to see the signature attached to the message. This is a known issue with the IOS App

2. Android Gmail app

Unfortunately, due to the limitations of the Android Gmail app, the Gmail mobile app on android does not show signatures, either for composed or sent messages.

This is a known issue with the Gmail app, which limits both our signatures and manually implemented ones, and isn’t related to the Signite app.

Using Gmail from the mobile browser rather than the app will show the signature upon sending the message as if you’ve done so via desktop.

Please note that if you’ve sent an email from Gmail on your desktop browser, your recipient on the mobile app will see your signature correctly.

If you have any questions, please contact us at support@signite.io