Permissions and Updates

Signite is subjected to permission limitation in Google Workspace’s API.

In rare cases, changes and updates in our app may require that you re-install the Signite app to trigger a permission update.

If such a case arises, follow these steps to re-install the app:

1. Uninstall the Signite APP

In your Google Workspace account, go to your Apps -> Google Workspace Marketplace apps.

From the list of installed apps, choose Signite – Free Email Signature Management.

At the app screen, click the Delete App button under the app title

Important: Removing the app and re-installing it on the GSuite Marketplace does not affect your account information or your existing signatures, and does not remove any information on our platform.

2. Re-install the Signite App from the Google Marketplace

In Google Workspace Marketplace, got to the Signite app page, and choose the Domain Install button, and follow the steps laid out in the installation guide.

3. Verify Permissions

In order to allow Signite to manage your signatures, please verify the apps permission by going to the Permissions screen, and press the Verify button.

If you have any questions, please contact us at