How do I upload and manage banners using Signite?

1. Banner creation

1.1. Set a name for the banner.

1.2. Upload the banner image (take note of the recommended sizes).

1.3. Choose the banner's size from the available options

Choose the banner’s size from the available options.

Larger PNG and JPG images will be resized to the chosen option.
GIF images must be uploaded in the exact size listed, as it will not be resized.

Note: Retina screens require that you upload the image in double the final size in order to not appear blurred.
See more about Retina support in the following guide:

1.4. Optional: Set a URL for the banner (optional).

1.5. Optional: Time the appearance of the banner within the signatures.

If you have more than one banner on your account, you can set a default banner, to show up when this banner's schedule runs out.

To set up the default banner, use the default banner field to choose out of the existing list of banners

If you wish to integrate a banner into your email signature, upload and save the banner beforehand, and then select it in the signature editing tool.

2. Assigning banners to your template

Once you’ve created a template using the Template Creation Guide, you may choose to add the banner created in this guide to your newly created template. To do that, go to your template, and under the Banners field, click the Add Banners button

A pop up window will appear, which will allow you to choose from your banners and assign them to the template.

You can choose up to 3 banners to assign to each template.

You can also change the order of the banners by dragging the banner to its position after adding it.

After choosing your banners, update the template.

Depending on whether the template is already assigned and deployed to a user, it may prompt a new deployment upon update.

3. Assigning banners to a user

Assigning a banner to a single user can be done from the user’s editing screen, by opening the User Banners menu and choosing the banners to show only on that specific user’s signature

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