Google Workspace allows the use of Alias Domains as part of its user generation process.

Signite provides the option to sync your domains, including your alias domains, by using the Domain Synchronization button in the Domain screen.
You can read more about that in the following guide:

But what should you do if the sync doesn’t show the alias domain in your domains list?
See the following steps to fix the issue:

1. Activating Alias Support

To see and manage both alias domains and user aliases, the Alias Support option in your Account Settings needs to be on.
Follow this guide to set up that support option:

2. Duplicated Domains / Accounts

If your alias domain was at one point the main domain for a deprecated Signite account, and that account is still active, the duplication will interfere with syncing the domain to the new account.

To fix this issue, go to your old account’s Account screen, and under Summary, click the Change Account Status option, and the Delete Account button.

Following that, go to your new account and sync your domains in the Domains screen.


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