Synchronizing Domains and Users

To see all available domains listed on your Google Workspace (GSuite) account, and to manage email signatures for all users on these domains, you must first synchronize your domains with Signite.


1. Domain Synchronization

Go to the Domains Screen on Signite’s interface,  and choose the Synchronize Domains button.

After clicking this button, Signite will interface with your Google Workspace account and synchronize all domains listed to it.

* Important to note that only the main domain on your account will be set to active by default after the initial install and synchronization.
You can synchronize and activate other connected domains in any stage after the initial installation.

2. Users Synchronization

In order to synchronize all available users un one domain or another in your account, please synchronize your domains (following the above step), and after that synchronize each domain’s information separately.

Please note that when choosing Synchronize Domain, a menu opens with the option to synchronize the domain’s users without overwriting the information added on Signite, or Synchronize All Data, which will overwrite any change made to the users information on Signite.

Synchronizing user information from the Google Workspace account

Signite enables synchronizing user information directly with Google Workspace.

The information will be drawn and will appear in the relevant user management fields on Signite, so entering it manually per user on Signite will be unnecessary.
You can synchronize user information by following the above steps and synchronizing you domains.

If there’s a more up to date information available over time, use the Synchronize All Data option, which will synchronize and overwrite all the user information managed in Signite.

* Please note that the domain’s users’ information is automatically drawn in the initial Signite install and the initial main domain synchronization.

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