Signite does not use Relay or SMTP services to deploy your signatures

Deploying through Relay or SMTP services allows other providers to access your emails, which puts your privacy at risk, as well as makes it possible for your signatures to disappear if something happens to their servers.

Signite does not use these services, and works only through an authorized Google Marketplace application.

Limited permissions – for your security

The permissions given to the Signite Google Workspace application are set by Google, and include the following:

  • See which domains are managed by the account (no editing or managing permissions are given in any way)
  • Synchronizing basic user information between Google Workspace and Signite: Name, Email address, Job title, Phones, etc.
  • Company name and country (for tax purposes).
  • Implementation and embedding of the signature’s html code in each user’s signature area, via each user’s Gmail settings

You deploy, we assist

All implementation, and signature deployment, as well as information synchronization, is done and controlled by the admin, through the Gmail API.

Signite provides the safest way to manage signatures, without any access or control over your data or emails.