To minimize the hassle of having to repeatedly sync and deploy signatures every time you add a new user to your Google Workspace account, Signite provides the Premium option to re-sync and re-deploy your signatures automatically.

Note: The Automatic Periodic Synchronization & Deployment module is designed for accounts handling all users’ information under Google Workspace directly. All individual user information, including names, job titles, phone numbers, and other, will be overwritten by the module at the indicated intervals. 

Follow these steps to set up your automatic sync and deploy:

1. Set up your signature template

Make sure your signature template is ready to be assigned to your users.
See the following guide for more information:

How do I edit and set a signature template with Signite?

2. Set up the automatic sync and deployment

Go to the Automatic Periodic Synchronization & Deployment section on the Account screen and choose one of the available periods from the drop down menu.


This will open the option to automatically deploy a default signature template to your users, as well as assign specific templates to specific Google Workspace Groups / Organizational Units

2.1. Set up the default signature (Optional)

You can choose the default signature all users will be assigned once they’re synced into Signite by selecting the signature from the Default Template drop down list

2.2. Set up signatures for specific Groups/OUs (Optional)

Make sure your Google Workspace groups or Organizational Units are synced into Signite, by checking the appropriate checkbox under the Account Settings section of your Account screen:

If you’re going to deploy the signature to all users under a certain Google Workspace Group, check the Synchronize groups with Google Workspace checkbox.
If you wish to deploy signatures to users based on their Organizational Units, make sure the Allow user filtering by Organizational Units option is checked.

Following that, select the method by which you’d like to assign the signatures (either Google Workspace Groups or Organizational Units),


and assign the appropriate template to the relevant group/OU through the Template’s Groups section

3. Save changes

Save the changes, and every 24 hours, or every 7, 14 or 30 days (based on your selection), at 1am UTC (01:00), Signite will be prompted to re-sync your Google Workspace account, and assign the relevant signature templates to your users according to your setup.

4. Turn off the module

If you wish to turn the module off and return to manually synchronizing users and deploying signatures, you can do that by choosing the Off option on the Synchronization & Deployment Scheduler drop down menu.

Turning the module off does not prevent you from manually synchronizing users from Google Workspace and deploying signatures to them.

It’s recommended that after turning the module off, you use the Synchronize & Deploy All Data option for all active domains and manually deploy to any new users that were added.

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